What is Spousal Sponsorship?

Did you know? Spousal sponsorship can help your loved one get to the U.S. even if they’ve been undeclared yet.  The program also applies to children of the applicant. While the process takes time, most people don’t mind the wait when they know soon they’ll be with their loved one.

Exactly what is spousal sponsorship and how can it be of help to you when loved ones are in another country?

Spousal sponsorship allows a person who is already documented in the U.S. to sponsor their spouse or child in the country until they are approved for a Visa. Interested persons must complete an application and provide other documentation to be considered for this program.

Make sure all documents needed to apply for sponsorship are available before completing an application. The rules regarding documentation are strict. Without even one item, your sponsorship request may be denied.

Items that you may need include:

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·    Birth certificates

·    Passports

·    National Identification cards

·    Marriage certificates

Requesting sponsorship request completion of the application as well as submission of the documentation requested above. Once this information is complete, applicants must pay the fees. There are a few ways to pay for the application fee, but the rate is non-negotiable.

The entire spousal sponsorship program takes several weeks from start to finish. It takes less time when an attorney handles the process.

If your spouse or child needs to be in the U.S., talk to an attorney to learn more about this program and how it may benefit this need. With help from a Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer in Toronto, ON, this may soon be a reality that you enjoy much sooner than before. Lawyers understand this law and ensure things are done correctly and quickly.